terms of

1. Acceptance of terms

The client acknowledges that he read, before placing his order, the specific sale terms as shown on this screen and formally states that he agrees to the same, unreservedly.
These general terms of sale govern the contractual relationship between the IMPREGNA company and its client, and both parties agree to the same unreservedly. These general terms of sale shall supersede any other term appearing in any other document, unless as otherwise agreed formally and in writing.

2. Products

The pictures illustrating the products are not contractually binding. If they contain errors, IMPREGNA declines any liability in connection therewith. Most products offered to its clients by the IMPREGNA company are available at our warehouse.

3. Order

Automatic registration systems are considered as constituting proof of the nature, contents and date of the order. IMPREGNA confirms the order acceptance to the client at the e-mail address provided by the client. The sale shall not be entered into before the order confirmation. IMPREGNA reserves the right to cancel any order from a client with whom a dispute is pending relating to the payment of a previous order. The information given by the buyer, upon placing the order, is legally binding upon him : in the event of any mistake in the designation of the intended recipient’s details, the seller shall not be held responsible for its inability to deliver the product.

4. Price

The prices are expressed in Euros.
The price specified on the product sheet is not inclusive of carriage.
The price specified in the order confirmation is the final price, including taxes and VAT in France and EEC countries. That price includes the price of the products, handling and packaging costs and carriage costs.

5. Payement

The price charged to the client is the price specified in the order confirmation sent by IMPREGNA.
The product price is payable cash on the effective order date.
Payment is made by credit card bearing the acronym CB, by or transfer.
An order confirmed by the client shall not be effective before the respective banking payment centres have issued their approval. In the event of a refusal by the said centres, the order shall be automatically cancelled and the client advised by electronic mail. In addition, IMPREGNA reserves the right to reject any order by a client with whom there is a dispute pending.

6. Disputes

This contract shall be governed by the laws of France. IMPREGNA declines any responsibility for any damage, financial loss or bodily injury of any kind, resulting from the improper operation or improper use of the products sold. The same applies to possible changes in products resulting from manufacturers. IMPREGNA’s liability shall at any rate be limited to the amount of the order and shall not be incurred for simple errors or omissions remaining in spite of all the precautions taken in the presentation of the products. In the event of any difficulty in applying this contract, the buyer may, prior to any legal proceedings, seek an amicable solution, including with help from : a professional trade association, a consumer association or any other adviser at his option. It is specified that looking for an amicable solution does not stop the “short period ” under the legal warranty nor the term of the contractual warranty. It is stated that as a rule and subject to court appreciation, compliance with the provisions of this contract relating to the contractual warranty requires : that the buyer fulfil its financial undertakings to the seller.
Claims or disputes are always given careful consideration, and he who explains his situation will always be assumed to be in good faith. In the event of a dispute, the client shall go to the company first, for an amicable solution.
Failing, the Business Court of Bobigny (93) shall be the venue for any dispute, whatever the place of delivery and accepted payment method.

7. Warranty

In all cases IMPREGNA shall not be held responsible for any failure to comply with regulatory and legal provisions applicable in the country of receipt, and IMPREGNA’s liability is always limited to the value of the product at issue, as at the date of sale, without any claim against the brand or company producing the product.
At any rate, the client is entitled to the legal dispossession and latent defect warranty (Art.1625 et seq of the Civil Code). Subject to the buyer furnishing evidence of the latent defect, the seller should remedy all consequences thereof (art. 1641 et seq of the civil code) ; if the buyer goes to court, he should do so within a “short period” after becoming aware of the latent defect (art.1648 of the Civil Code). You may contact us from Monday to Friday at the following telephone :

8. Cancellation rights

Impregna grants the consumer a legal cancellation period of 7 days to return, at his cost, any product he is not satisfied with. That period starts on the date of delivery of the product to the consumer.
Any return shall first be reported to IMPREGNA’s customer service, by telephone at, Monday through Friday, except holidays.
In all cases, the return is made at the consumer’s risk and costs.
The cancellation right does not lead to penalties, except for return costs, which are borne by the consumer. If the cancellation right is exercised, the consumer may either ask for a refund of amounts paid or for an exchange in an amount equal to amounts paid, or as needed, through a bank complement. Re-shipping costs are borne by the consumer.
Any product that the consumer cancels shall be returned to IMPREGNA, in a new and sellable condition.
No product that is damaged, incomplete, or whose original packaging is deteriorated or missing, shall be refunded or exchanged.
If the cancellation right is exercised, IMPREGNA shall make its best efforts to refund the consumer within 15 days after the returned product is received.
The consumer shall then be refunded by a re-credit system (secured transaction) if he paid by credit card, or by cheque in other cases.
IMPREGNA advises the consumer to return his products with a recommendation or additional insurance covering, as needed, compensation for the products up to their actual market value, in the event his parcel is stolen or lost.
Any right of cancellation exercised after the seven (7) day period shall be turned down by IMPREGNA, and products delivered shall be deemed to meet the order and accepted by the consumer.

9. Legal informations

Providing nominal information collected for the purpose of mail order sales is required, as such information is needed to process and ship orders and prepare invoices. Failure to provide such information will result in the order not being confirmed. In accordance with the “Privacy and Information Systems”Act, the processing of nominal information relating to clients has been reported to the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL – National Information System and Privacy Commission). The client has (under article 34 of the January 6, 1978 Act) a right to access, change, rectify and delete his data, which he may exercise with IMPREGNA. In addition IMPREGNA agrees not to disclose, whether free of charge or for due consideration, its clients information to a third party.

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